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Q&A Contact Lenses with Dr. Mark Mitchell

Contact Lenses

Q: Is blue light dangerous for my eyes
A: Yes it is, blue light and ultraviolet light damage virtually all structures of the eye.

Q: Can I wear my Contact Lenses while I sleep at night?
A: Wel, some contact lenses are proven to be slept in. It is never a good idea because that dramatically increases the risk of infection. These are referring to Myopia Contact lenses, and various others that are for astigmatism too.

Q: Are disposable contact lenses good for my eyes?
A: Wel, they are extremely convenient and much safer than the contact lenses that need to be cleaned and disinfected.

Q: In what case would you recommend Contact Lenses over Regual Eye Glasses
A: There is a whole bunch of situations where contact lenses are better than eyeglasses. For certain sports, contact lenses are much more effective than eyeglasses. Certain occupations would also require contact lenses over eyeglasses. There are some Occupations & sports where eyeglasses are actually better, this really highlights the importance of an eye exam to determine what works best for you.

Q: Can I keep my contact lenses in while I do sports?
A: Yes, but except for water sports as this generally can damage your contacts

Q: How long does a contact lens exam take?
A: Well, exams at our office generally take 20-25 minutes and is mostly comprehensive.

Q: Do most insurances cover contact lenses or glasses?
A: Most vision insurances cover contact lenses or glasses, but generally not both. You would need a plan that best works for you.