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Family Friendly Optometry

I had a really great experience at Buena Vista. The staff was very nice and helpful. They definetly know how to work with toddlers young kids. I was a bit nervous taking my 4 year old because I thought maybe she was too young and I really didn't think she needed glasses but I took her anyways just to do a routine check. Came to find out that my daughter has astigmatism which is something she was born with. I'm really glad we were able to catch it early and before she started school because many children fall behind in school due to unknown eyesight problems like I did when I was a kid. Would definitely recommend parents to take their kids for an eye exam as young as possible so they can have a greater outcome later in life. Buena Vista is definitely the place to go for family friendly optometry in San Jose, CA.

- Iris C. - Google